Aaron M. Davidson in the lead role as Joey Stoshack had that boyish charm and the audience found him instantly relatable and intriguing. With ease he guided everyone along for this fantastic story and I have to say that this is one of Aaron’s best performances to date.
— Michael Mulhern, Broadwayworld.com
All ages will love this story about young Joey Stoshack—played with wide-eyed wonder by another Denver native, 22-year-old Aaron M. Davidson.
— Claudia Carbone, Examiner.com
His name is Joey Stoshack, and he’s the racing heart of the Denver Center Theatre Company’s family-enticing production “Jackie & Me,” playing through Dec. 22 at the Space Theatre. Aaron M. Davidson is clearly older than the book’s character but brings an infectious fervor to the role.
— Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post
each carry a personal story into the scene, as do many other characters, such as nasty Scottish Mordred (Aaron M. Davidson)
— Sonya Ellingboe, Arvada Press
Lili is first prize in the “Dirtiest House Contest” won by the hilarious Mr. and Mrs. Bumblebobblehead (Aaron M. Davidson and Patty Malaney).
— Malle Winters, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
and we cringe at the despicable Mordred (Aaron M. Davidson), Arthur’s illegitimate son, the “medieval delinquent” with a perfect Scottish brogue who comes to raise havoc in Camelot and dishonor the king.
— Claudia Carbone, Examiner.com
The beach bums (Trey Curtis, Aaron M. Davidson, and Chris Selefski) harmonize beautifully.
— Rachel Weinberg, Broadwayworld Chicago
The actors showed great understanding for their characters. Aaron M. Davidson’s depiction of Joey Stoshack is convincing. He carries the accent, the eagerness of a teen, and the weight of troubled times perfectly.
— Holly Winter Huppert, About.com Denver
Aaron M. Davidson shines as Artie, a seventeen year‐old who is grieving for
his mother all the while wavering between annoyance and amusement over the behavior of his grandmother, grand‐father, aunt, and even his grieving father on the last day of shiva for his deceased mother..
— Nancy Murphy, Lowry News . What’s Wrong With this Picture, Vintage Theater
Davidson is effervescent as the baseball-obsessed adolescent, his enthusiasm quickly becoming our own.
— Bob Bows, Colorado Drama
an enthusiastic and very funny Aaron M. Davidson as Woof.
— Colin Douglas, Chicago Theater Review
Aaron M. Davidson brings Woof to a new level.
— Alan Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago