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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Aaron is currently playing the role of "Benjamin" in the Arvada Center's production in Colorado. This is the fourth time he has returned to the Arvada Center. It is currently playing thru December 23 For information and tickets go to

Room 13 is the only true hidden, member only, speakeasy in the city of Chicago. Where is it located? Well it won't be very hidden if I told you now would it...I currently serve as the Resident Musician of the club and can be found many Saturdays playing and singing the music of the prohibition era and beyond. Interested in coming by, having a drink and listening to some tunes? Drop me an email and I'd be happy to bring you by as a guest!


THE FOUR C-NOTES is one of the premier Four Seasons tribute groups in the nation, headed by John Michael Coppola. To learn more, see when our next show is, or contact regarding a booking visit: